Quarterly Report: January 2010

The end of BKRA term on last 31 December of 2009 have raise questions on who will be coordinating the reconstruction works, either for handling the above problems as well as coordinating donors and NGOs working in Aceh, at least until 2012. From Aceh Provincial Governments perspective, it has been believed from the very beginning that the forming of institutional prospect after 2009 is not only essential to answer the question over reconstruction works completion, but also central to accelerate Aceh development that has been left behind after long conflict and tsunami disaster. Since 2008, a number of design and scenario have been prepared and negotiated with the central government.

In the beginning, Aceh Provincial Government has offered a formation of a central agency in Aceh. This agency is given a similar mandate and authority with BRR to continue the reconstruction process and Aceh development acceleration until 2012. On the contrary, through Presidential Decree No. 3/ 2009, the central government has formed BKRA which is exclusively in charge for coordination and will serve only until December 2009. Acehs Governor has sent official letter to Coordinator Minister of Law, Security and Politic on 10 November 2008 where Aceh had once rejected the idea of BKRA establishment since it does not reflect the hope of Aceh Local Government. However, National Development Plan Body put forward the idea of releasing a Presidential Decree on Aceh Development Acceleration to accomodate the Aceh Local Government proposal by establishing another agency called Aceh Development Acceleration Body or (BPPA). But finally until the end of BKRA term, the idea to accelerate Aceh Development has never been implemented

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