Executive Board


Saiful Akmal Saiful Akmal | Director

He earned his bachelor degree from English Department, Ar-Raniry State Islamic Institute in 2005. He received his master degree from The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom in 2007 focusing on the applied linguistics, specializing in critical/political discourse analysis on the language of power and justification in political speech. Saiful analyzed views of the Iraq War in Obama, Bush, Galloway and Blair political remarks in the media prior to the Iraq War. He holds a doctoral degree in Department of Southeast Asian Studies, Faculty of Language and Culture from Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany researching the language of politics and the political rhetoric of ex-combatants leaders in post-conflict election setting in the newspapers and portal news, intertwining his multi-discipline interest in language, politics and the media.

He has been teaching since 2005 at Raniry State Islamic Institute, particularly in Discourse Analysis, Speech, Public Speaking, English for Islamic Studies and Specific Purposes, (Applied) Linguistics at the Teacher Training and Education Faculty. He also teaches Political Communication and Public Opinion at the Communication and Social and Political Science at the same university. He has been involved at the research think-thank institution, as political discourse analyst and program manager at TheAceh Institute since 2007. He is also actively engaged as media analyst and consultant at Aceh Society Task Force, Kata Hati Institute, AIPRD-AUSAID in post-tsunami reconstruction between 2005 2008. The ideas books, and articles he has written and presented in local, national in local, national media, seminars and conferences are among others; Travelogue: Aceh – Germany – Europe (2014, book), Views of The Iraq War: The Language of Power and Justification in Political Speeches (2008, book), and forthcoming (Political Rhetoric in Post-Conflict Aceh, book). He can be contacted at: saiful.akmal@gmail.com

MarlinaMarlina | Senior Operational Manager

She got a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Syiah Kuala University in 2002 and started her career right afterward as a volunteer in charge of finance in Yayasan Rumpun Bambu Indonesia (2002), and then professionally part-timely hired as a finance staff in many ad hoc projects of the Forum LSM Aceh such as in Program Pemberdayaan Mukim supported by World Bank (2002-2003). Given the outstanding performance, she got a promotion to be a full time Finance Manager at Forum LSM Aceh (2003-2004) and during that period she has been in charge in several programs such as Gema Assalam, general election 2004, and lots of Post Tsunami recovery projects. Marlina joined the Aceh Institute in 2005 as a Finance Manager and in that role she has been in charge to manage projects funded by several international agencies such as CAFOD (2005-2011), TIFA Foundation, LOGICA Australia, and The Rehabilitation and Reconsturction Agency, BRR (2008), World Vision International, and World Bank (2009), and the Asia Foundation (2012-2015). She can be reached at lina.zse@gmail.com

Danil Akbar TaqwadinDanil Akbar Taqwadin | Publication Manager

He received his bachelor degree in 2011 from Department of International Affairs at Northern Malaysia University. His project paper explored the reasons on why foreign third-party mediators – particularly Henry Dunant Centre and Crisis Management Initiative – willing to involved in finding conflict resolution for Aceh (2000-2005). Albeit the reasons, the research also found the condition of mutually hurting stalemate very much influence the sustainability of the resolution. Later on, he earned his master degree on strategic studies from the same university in 2013, specializing on strategy of local civil society organizations in Aceh peace process. He explored the shifting strategy carried on by local civil society organizations and its members during conflict and Aceh post-conflict from against to cooperate with the Government, even trying to reclaim the position in the government itself. Currently, he is on the first stage of PhD degree in the Institute of Ethnic Studies at National University of Malaysia. The research is about the securitization and de-securitization of identity of Aceh’s nation. It’s interesting, since the identity of Acehnese as a nation has been forged in long period of time during conflict, but seems breakable when conflict has ended. It can be seen since the friction among ethnic have been escalated in recent years. He has been actively contributed the ideas through local mass media, journal, book, public policy, as well as presentation on local, national and international forum. Some of the works are: The Moment of Ripeness: Involvement of Third Parties Mediator in Aceh Peace Process (2012, Proceeding), Global Environmental Cooperation on Neo-Liberalism Perspective (2013, Journal), Bantuan Hukum Struktural oleh Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Banda Aceh: 1995-2014 (2014, Proceeding). His research interest are: Strategic, Security and Securitization, Global politics, Peace and Conflict, and Civil Society. He can be reached at danylabay@ymail.com

Rizkika Lhena Darwin Rizkika Lhena Darwin | Survey Manager

She got her Bachelor degree in Politic from Department of Politics, Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) Banda Aceh, Indonesia (2007-2012), and a Master Degree in Politics and Governance from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2012-2014). She actively contributes ideas through local and national media as well as present in national and international forums. Some of his works are: Eksistensialisme Gerakan Perempuan Aceh (2013, Opinion); Politik Uang: Belajar dari Pemilu Legislatif 2014 dan Mewaspadai Pemilukada 2017 (2015, Opinion); Hiprokrisi Demokrasi: Populisme dan Pilkada di Indonesia (2015, Journal); Bireuen, Aceh: The Aftermath of Post-conflict and the Decline of Partai Aceh, a chapter in “Electoral Dynamics in Indonesia: Money Politics, Patronage and Clientelism at the Grassroots by Aspinall & Sukmajati (2016, Book Chapter); Deideologisasi Partai Politik: Peluang Politik Uang dan Menguatnya Calon Independen (2016, Seminar Paper). Her research interest are local politics, decentralization, political parties and elections. She can be reached at rizkikadarwin@gmail.com

MuazzinahMuazzinah | Partnership Manager

She received her master degree in Public Administration from University of Gadjah Mada (2014), and a bachelor degree from University Science of Malaysia (2008). Muazzinah focuses of interestst are: public policy, public services and woman in politics issues. Some of his works and researches are: Evaluation of Lawmakers in Bireun District in Implementing their Legislative Functions (2014), Advocacy and training for women rights (2012), Public innovation implementation in Bireun (2011), Training Management for Specific Women Rights, (2010), Advokacy and training for women on development and politics in Bireun (2010). She can be reached via email: muazzinahyacob@gmail.com

Ismar Ramadani Ismar Ramadani | Analysis Manager

Ismar Ramadani, MA received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2004-2008) and a Master Degree in International Relations at the Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2009-2012). She is interested in social and political issues, especially social change, violence, peace, environment, and religion. She can be reached at dhani.marisa@gmail.com

Era KhaidirEra Khaidir| Librarian

Era Khaidir [Librarian]. She was born in Aceh Besar on May 18, 1988. S. IP. She got a Bachelor in Library and Literature from the State Islamic University Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh. She has been joining the institute from the last five years and contribute her expertise on the Library section to serve the staffs, members and all the benefeciaries for the research purposes. She can be reached at: era.chaidir@yahoo.com